Word of warning though… This pizza oven is going to take some sweat equity and a few days if not weeks to complete for most people. In this section, we will be creating the oven wall. My pizza oven is only a few hundred pounds but i figured better safe than sorry. Don’t forget to share our articles with your friends, by using the social media widgets. Sometimes, you simply have to take a risk and try your hand at something you haven’t the slightest idea how to do. The hole should have the same dimensions as the chimney, therefore it is important to decide what chimney you will use from the very beginning. Thank you for reading our article about wood fired pizza oven plans and we recommend you to check out the rest of our projects. Step 3: Build the template for the top arch of the wood fired oven. We strongly recommend you to complete the arch once you have started building it, otherwise it won’t be durable and rigid enough. In order to build the walls, you should use either brick walls (they are cheaper) or fire bricks (more resistant and store the heat and afterwards release it gradually) and lay them over the cooking floor, as in the image. If you use our plans to build your own wood fired oven, the height of the arch should be about 10”. It is important to determine the location and the dimensions of the oven from the very beginning. Building the Oven Shell. Three ingredients will be … Therefore, you should not use a regular cement-based mortar, but mix 2 parts clay with 1 part sand until you obtain a compound with the consistency of cream. I tap-con(d) the heck out of some pressure treated wood and sunk some 4x4 into the ground in the front of the table and used 2x4 to make a platform. Read More >> Building an outdoor wood fired oven is a dream and a challenge for any one, as finding the right plans to fit your needs could be really difficult. This article is about wood fired pizza oven plans. Step 4: Build the concrete countertop of the base. How to build a simple DIY wood-fired oven . Step 1: Dig the foundation of the wood fired pizza oven. Last but not least, you should mix an appropriate quantity of concrete and pour it in the formwork. Lay the bricks on top of the template and use mortar to lock them into position. We built a wood-fired oven, or WFO, if you prefer. Level it with a straight edge along the sides of the form. Step 2: Lay the lower walls of the wood fired oven. First, you should build a basic formwork to support the weight of the concrete. Don’t forget than you could incorporate the oven in a larger and more complex project, such as a outdoor kitchen. Step 8: Build the the entrance arch of the oven and leave a hole on top of it, to let the smoke exit the wood fired oven. Step 6: Build the entrance arch, by using the same techniques described above. Includes diagrams, creating the oven floor and mixing mud. Step 3: Build the base of the wood fired oven. You can tend towards the simple side at first for testing the cooking or build proper oven right from start. We offer a wide variety of wood or gas fired kit options— from our industry-leading modular DIY pizza oven kits and authentic Italian brick pizza oven kits, to the free Pompeii DIY pizza oven plans. You can print and download any plans on the site. Next, install a rigid structure of rebars, as you can see in the image. The depth of the wood fired oven varies according to the soil structure and according to the total weight of your constructions. Drying wood is important in woodworking, crafts, and firewood. Next, install 2×4 wooden boards over this structure to support the rebar structure and the concrete.