You'll need the ability to go home and not think about work or you'll go crazy. Company HR means should have very strong communication skills; he should be able to very precisely and effectively communicate with both the employees and the … If you're a senior-level HR manager, you'll play a key role in choosing your company's benefits plans. Avoid 10 Mistakes Bosses Make to Ensure Your Success Managing People, How to Recruit a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce, Important Human Resources Skills for Workplace Success. Of the HR leaders who indicated HR will change substantially in the Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report highlighted above, 75% indicated that change would be an expansion of HR’s accountability. None of them are easy, and no one enters an HR job with the ability to do all of them well. 10 Skills Every HR Manager Needs to Succeed, 6. But, to succeed in human resources, these are a few of the skills you need to work on and (hopefully) perfect. HR leaders are responsible for ensuring company policies are clear and concise and have many other responsibilities that require effective communication skills – such as interviewing candidates, leading presentations and managing conflict resolution, among others. You need to know how to handle them. An essential element of both career development and redeployment is employee reskilling and upskilling Whether through courses or experiential learning opportunities such as stretch projects, internal gigs or team projects, skill-building enables you to provide a culture of continual learning to help your employees develop and maintain a growth mindset, expand their skills and ensure these skills align with your evolving business needs. How Do Leaders Inspire Continuous Improvement by Employees? A strong talent mobility strategy enables you to adapt to changing business needs by helping employees align their career growth, passions and skills with business requirements. You wanted a job in Human Resources because you like people. Not only can mistakes related to confidentiality erode employee trust, but they can also lead to compliance issues and even legal repercussions. As an HR manager, you use your analytical skills to tap into impactful data and understand the total time and cost to hire employees, identify patterns that might cause employee turnover and point out common trends and themes from employee feedback surveys. Want to Know How HR Can Do More by Doing Less? Learning each one of these skills requires more than a book or a class will teach you. © Randstad RiseSmart 2020. HR managers have a wide range of responsibilities and constantly shifting priorities. HR Management Key Skill #1: Organization HR management requires an orderly approach. In recent years, business leaders have increasingly turned to technology to make their organizations run more efficiently. "Walgreens Sued By EEOC For Disability Discrimination." Because HR problems never, ever end. A key skill that all HR managers must have is the ability to communicate with both employers and employees. As business needs evolve, agility is a key skill for any HR manager. Suzanne's work has been featured on notes publications including Forbes, CBS, Business Insider, and Yahoo. And HR manager roles are in demand, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimating 6% job growth by 2029, higher than the average across all occupations. One way to display agility as an HR manager is to encourage a culture of talent mobility at your organization – which has been proven to drive positive business outcomes. Career development programs are often the first step in preparing employees to be ‘future ready.’ By providing career development opportunities to all employees, HR managers can build and sustain an adaptable workforce primed for innovation and change. But, liking people is not enough if you want to find success in a job in the HR field. Walgreens Sued By EEOC For Disability Discrimination. Even if you don’t have all the answers or details right away, update employees frequently on any workforce changes, rather than leaving them guessing. Because every candidate will walk away from his application process with feelings about your company. In some HR roles, you'll act as a de facto manager for many people, even if you aren't the one who writes their annual performance appraisals. Employees expect you to listen to them and their problems. Empathy is a precursor to trust. foster an agile workforce with continuous talent mobility. HR mangers play a critical role in developing internal talent mobility initiatives that enable employees to continually expand their skills and experiences and to move fluidly throughout the organization in a way that matches skills with work to be done. If you can do this, you'll become a great HR manager—and isn't this what all HR people strive to achieve? Below, we’ve outlined five key skills that top HR managers possess. Qualities of HR Manager Qualities of HR Manager are Sympathetic Attitude, Quick Decisions, Integrity, Patience, Formal Authority, Leadership, Social Responsibility, Good Communication Skills. These are the type of problems that come up frequently in HR. Let’s start with the basic skill of the HR team and the HR manager, which is communicating with the employer and the employees. While you're not a therapist, you do have to act like one from time to time—at least long enough to talk the employee into calling your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for real help. You don't have to like people, but you do have to show compassion. Suzanne Lucas is a freelance journalist specializing in Human Resources. According to our recent COVID-19 employer survey, 86% of employers were not planning to lay off employees prior to the pandemic and since the initial outbreak, 20% of employers have either laid off or furloughed employees – so it’s always wise to be prepared. You need to know how to stay legally compliant, fair, and compassionate, but also think through the possible legal implications of every action. It's also a public relations job. Accessed July 29, 2020. Let just get an idea as to what are you looking at as skills in your HR manager. Balancing Concern for Individual Workers and Organizational Interests; Change Management; Company Policies; Comparable Worth; Compensation; Computer; Customer Service; Data Analysis; Developing Performance Appraisal Forms and Processes; Developing Strategies for Recruiting Workers; Developing Training Models You were promised that you would not have to do math in HR; that's why you chose it instead of accounting. HR Manager’s role is to interview and hire candidates based on their skills and talents. Transparent communications can help you build loyalty and trust with employees, which can ultimately help drive productivity and long-term business success. Understanding Health Insurance (and Other Benefits). adapting to evolving job search best practices. You will never have a day when you can say, “I'm finished. Skills differ from person to person, let’s just point out specific skills that are really very important for someone at that important designation. You're not a lawyer, doctor, or priest, but you'll deal with confidential information all day long. Why? One way to hold yourself accountable for driving results is by leveraging data.