For more information on Fund II Foundation, visit Established in 1987 in VA - Founded by Robert H. and Clarice R. Smith. But success has many parents – and as hard as each of you has worked to achieve what you all have achieved today, you’ve had a lot of help along the way. But uncertainty is nothing new for our community. Yet that program excluded two categories of workers: maids and farmworkers, which effectively denied benefits to two-thirds of African Americans, and 80% of Southern African Americans. Look, that can happen, but it’s awfully rare. They may not have attended Morehouse, but they have the Morehouse attitude. I’m a junior in high school taking AP classes, that’s just like being in college.” And they said, “Well, no it isn’t.”. Fund II is helping to create a world where every kid has a channel for self-expression where they can learn more about the arts, as well as nourish their talent and soul. I think the students will embrace the updated infrastructure. Create your own. The biggest dynamic that they have to embrace is the pace of change has accelerated. I’m cognizant of the fact that whenever I’m out in public, people are observing my actions. It isn’t just about salary, though that always matters. It means putting in the ten thousand-plus hours necessary to become a master of your craft. ROBERT SMITH: In today’s age, one of the things I think is important is that they understand that they must take a stand, they must be purposeful. And yet, I am the first generation of my family to have secured all my rights as an American. You are 41% more likely to die of breast cancer if you are an African-American woman in America today than if you are white. Robert F. Smith Launches Internship Program On the heels of his promise to pay off school debt for nearly 400 students, Robert F. Smith is paying it forward once again. Robert F. Smith and his wife Hope Dworaczyk aren't just billionaires. Like many of yours, my family has been in the United States for 8 or 9 generations. Subscribe Unlock nonprofit financial insights that will help you make more informed decisions. How can we be the next Silicon Valley? Your destiny. I bought a ranch a few years back called Lincoln Hills. lives with his family in Austin and takes pride in the city as well as the surrounding interconnected ecological systems. Grind it out – and live your life as a champion. Smith’s passion for his African-American heritage and history pervade the Foundation’s mission and spirit. You have a high influx of people. The neighborhood in North East Denver where I grew up wasn’t affluent, but we looked out for one another. The NPower program has also been acknowledged by Congressman Elijah E. Cummings as a valuable service to the Baltimore community. Robert F. Smith, Founding Director & President. This is your moment, graduates. This work is all about liberating the human spirit. And in all honesty, that is where the joy of success actually resides. And we have a program with Craig Hospital for quadriplegics where they can actually fish with blow tubes. We are enough to ensure we have all the opportunities of the American Dream. The President of Morehouse College, David A. Thomas called it a “liberation gift” and it would “be life-changing for our new Morehouse Men and their families.”  In addition, Smith pledged $1 million to Morehouse College to fund the Robert Frederick Smith Scholars Program, plus $560,000 to develop an outdoor study space for students. This is a challenge for you. Then, you can imagine how he worried some years later when I told him I was going to leave Goldman Sachs, where I had achieved a good level of success, to start my own private equity firm focused on enterprise software. See how you can help.