This gentle formula instantly enhances gray, white, and platinum blonde hair after just one use. It's also a sulfate-free shampoo, so it won’t leave your hair dry the way many other purple shampoos … oz. It is the ideal anti-yellowing shampoo for bleached hair, gray hair, or naturally blonde hair. A unique trio of tinctorial or color … A powerful purple shampoo with enough pigment to actually correct brassy and yellow tones, this leaves behind the perfect icy color, says celebrity stylist Rikki Gash. Unlike the other options on this list, this shampoo is specifically formulated for gray and silver hair. Tec Italy Lumina Purple Shampoo is a hair-dye shampoo for gray hair that cleanses effectively. All you need is one of the best color-depositing shampoos for gray hair, which come in two forms: Purple … Refreshing or switching up your gray hair doesn't have to require a trip to the salon. Purple Toning Shampoo Gray, White, or Platinum Blonde Hair. Designed specifically for bleached and gray hair, Fanola's all-business No Yellow purple shampoo is saturated in special violet pigments that neutralize yellow tones for cooler, brighter color. 2. Redken Color Extend Graydiant Purple Shampoo. You can expect this top-rated purple shampoo to lighten your grays, neutralize the yellow tones, and cleanse your hair … 8.45 fl.