Equally great, served as a starter and make up some extra oil for dipping the focaccia bread into. Go crazy with it! Wow, I bet it was good on pork chops – what a great idea!! Glad you liked it, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! I take it out as needed. olive oil 1 tablespoon dried basil 1 tablespoon dried parsley 1 tablespoon minced garlic 1 teaspoon dried thyme . They were amazing!!! Shallow so people can get all of the goodness when they dip. White so you can see all of the beautiful colors! I used this recipe with the oil and then tossed all the dough in it and then layered my bundt pan and followed the directions for the pull apart pepperoni bread. Thank you for the recipe!!!! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees F. Grab an entire bulb of garlic and slice a little less than 1/4 of the top off, just enough to expose the cloves. Would you mind sharing the recipe for your awesome Focaccia bread? Fresh herbs like basil, parsley, chives and rosemary are everything in this dip. You do not want to serve this dip in a bowl! This is the most irresistible restaurant-style bread dipping oil recipe! I would use more garlic—naturally. Healthy COLD Taco Dip With Cottage Cheese, Easy Cold Spinach Dip With Cream Cheese (in bread bowl), 19 Easy Last Minute COLD Party Dips For A Crowd, Filed Under: Appetizer Dips, Cold Appetizers, Easy Appetizers, Healthy Appetizers, Holiday Appetizers, Make Ahead Appetizers, Party Appetizers, Party Snacks, Savory Snacks, Vegetarian Appetizers. Want to take this oil mixture to the next level? Subscribe and get every recipe delivered to your email! The BEST Mini Cheesecakes (with Cookie Crust), BAKED Mini Churro Bites w/ Quick Chocolate Sauce, Crispy Seasoned Potato Wedges (Oven Baked), EASY Powdered Sugar Vanilla Frosting (without butter), Disco Fries (Gravy Mozzarella Cheese Fries), The BEST Tips For How To Keep Food Warm At Your Next Party, The BEST Thick and Fluffy Silver Dollar Pancakes. But this time, I had all of the ingredients on hand… so I followed it exactly. It is important to let your herbs rest in the olive oil for at least an hour before you serve your olive oil dip. Really up to you! Instead of placing the extra seasoning in the fridge, I put it in the freezer. I might add a tiny dab of butter? Have a seat at my table...let's chat, eat, and have fun! I hope this tastes just like it for you! When ready to use, mix 1 tablespoon of mixture with about 1/2 cup of olive oil. The more expensive is usually the better but any true ‘extra virgin olive oil’ will work! I actually use any leftover herb oil to marinate chicken or even saute veggies in!! This dipping oil would make me eat bread again, without a doubt! Although it is somewhat of a copycat of Carrabba’s, I tweaked it a bit by substituting some spices over the years so, dare I say, that it is even BETTER than their oil dip! *Dipping oil can be stored in the fridge for up to 4 days or in the freezer for up to 6 weeks. This oil recipe provided so much flavor. Give me a loaf of bread that’s the perfect balance of crusty and soft, and this bread dipping oil, and I’m a happy girl. I might use roasted garlic. Best Focaccia bread I have ever made!! So glad you liked it! Plus, they are great for dipping and kids LOVE them! The bread naturally absorbs into the oil better than the herbs so as your guests dip, you may find leftover herbs on the bottom with no more oil. Ingredients 225ml Warm water 50ml Olive oil 400g Strong white bread flour 1 tbsp Dried mixed herbs 1½ tsp Salt 1 Easy bake yeast sachet 100g Olives (green and black, Pitted) For one reason…Sanitation! When ready to use, mix 1 tablespoon of mixture with about 1/2 cup of olive oil. I’m glad to hear it worked with canola, too. I had some of the herb mixture left over so I put it on some pork chops and grilled them!!! You can if you plan to use it right away or in 1-2 days…store it in the fridge. It's possible, and I'm here to help. Caramelized Pearl Onions with Balsamic Glaze ». Oven-baked Italian Olive & Herb Focaccia Bread filled with fantastic flavours of olive oil, garlic, sundried tomato, olives and herbs. The ingredients for making a delicious bread dipping oil can be as simple as adding salt and pepper to a good, quality olive oil. Hahah yeah this will definitely get you to eat lots and lots of bread! Great as a side with pasta recipes to soak up the juices. Your email address will not be published. Hi Daryl, That’s why I love this oil dip, because of how versatile it is! Find the BEST olive oil you can afford. Oh yum, that sounds amazing! I went to an Italian restaurant and was obsessed with the dipping sauce. This looks so good! It’s garlicky, herby, a little spicy, a little salty, and 100% amazing. Although I would totally scarf that down, I’m a sucker for fresh herbs and all kinds of spices! Instead, take a large spoonful and scoop some directly onto a plate. Mix and allow to infuse for at least an hour. Oh that is genius!!! It depends on how much garlic you like. One small clove should work (or half a large clove, but who wants to do that). Garlic bread, dipping into a garlicky oil dip? I found this recipe and I went to the market right away to get the ingredients. Another option is adding all your herbs to a food processor. Forget about dipping it in bread!! I loved this dipping sauce. Mix all ingredients together in a small bowl. This is simple. and of course, the star, olive oil! I want some right now! Thank You! Just stick your finger in and try it! Fresh herbs make a huge difference, for sure! That’s what I typically do. Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on Instagram, Your email address will not be published. I’m glad you liked it! Can you imagine. Oh, honestly, I could drink this! Any crusty or soft bakery bread you like! If people are breaking off their own pieces, it is just not sanitary. That sounds like a wonderful day/evening! It will give not only the herbs but the garlic and red pepper flakes time to infuse the oil with all kinds of flavor. Spoon a few spoonfuls of herb oil onto a flat white plate and serve with fresh crusty bread on the side! Bread dipping recipe sounds scrumptious. Try to find a really rich, bold, extra virgin olive oil. Guess I’ll have to try it at home! I do not prefer doing it this way since I think the dip looks beautiful when you can see the little bits of fresh herbs in the oil. They also may break off a piece that is too big for ONE dip. Weather your talking about a spinach dip or fondue, a fresh crusty loaf makes a HUGE difference. Glad you all like this! Some examples include chilies, hot peppers, rosemary, oregano, thyme, sage, peppercorns, cloves, sun … My kids loved it. So smart! I think it’s pretty close! Make flavoured oil for Olive & Herb Focaccia. :). The only thing is that it had a little too much salt for my taste. That’s a really great question! Sounds so good!! Any good extra virgin olive oil will work! Use FRESH herbs and FRESH garlic. There are many different flavors to use in your olive oil infusing. OMG I love this stuff from Carraba’s… I love it so much that one year for my birthday my bestie bought me a pint of it from our local restaurant with like 5 loaves of their bread and some of their olive oil!!! I mean, this stuff is absolutely irresistible.