Nurses play an important role in assessing and managing many of the problems experienced by patients undergoing chemotherapy. Once the procedure is over, it’s usually the surgical nurses, also called perioperative nurses, who ensure that the patient is stable and prepare the room for the next team. Nurses play a crucial role before, during and after surgery. After receiving chemotherapy, you and your caregivers need to take special care to prevent contact with your body fluids. Some medication has two names Chemical names (medication’s composition& molecular structure),e.g Ibuprofen- iso-butyl phenyl. the nurse is responsible for insuring that the right unit of blood is to be administered to the right patient after typing and crossmatching by the lab. Anorexia, nausea, vomiting, altered taste, mucositis, and diarrhea put patients at risk for nutritional and fluid electrolyte disturbances. Nurses are primarily responsible for ensuring that patients receive chemotherapy safely and providing the support required enabling patients to cope both physically and psychologically with their treatments. Macmillan lead nurses - are senior nurse managers, helping shape the future of cancer and palliative care services in their area. ADMINISTRATION OF ORAL MEDICATION INTRODUCTION: Medicine defined as a chemical substance used to promote health ,to prevent illness, to diagnose, to alleviate or cure diseases. Trade name: is the registered name … Nurses responsibility administering medicine 1. Assessing fluid and electrolyte balance. How Macmillan nurses are funded. you go for chemotherapy, your doctor and nurse will watch for side effects and make any needed drug changes. These fluids include urine, stools, sweat, mucus, blood, vomit, and those from sex. Nurses treating cancer patients risk being exposed to chemotherapy drugs and their toxic effects, according to a new study. The Postoperative Responsibilities of Nurses. Nurses must be confident about their knowledge, competence and technical skills in order to effectively function in relation to this aspect of care. Professional Standards, Revised 2002 This document describes in broad terms the professional expectations for all nurses in every area of practice. They support the person with cancer, their family, and the nurses and doctors who are looking after them. Macmillan chemotherapy nurses - give chemotherapy treatment to patients, and help them cope with any side effects. Home Safety after Chemotherapy Treatments. outline the accountabilities and responsibilities of nurses relevant to refusing assignments and discontinuing nursing services. Nursing Management in Chemotherapy.