Iron in jackfruit helps to prevent anemia and aids in proper blood circulation and copper plays an important role in thyroid gland metabolism [26]. [99] have conducted a study on the effect of different extraction conditions on properties of acid-alcohol modified jackfruit seed starch, which can have possible applications in confectioneries, paper, and textile industries. the bulb (the lower fleshy edible region); the middle-fused region that forms the rind of the syncarp; horny nonedible region commonly known as the spikes [. Despite all these benefits, unfortunately, the fruit is underutilized in commercial scale processing in regions where it is grown. The numerical data supporting this review article are from previously reported studies and datasets, which have been cited, and are available from the corresponding author upon request. Jackfruit has a low caloric content; 100 g of jackfruit only contains 94 calories (Mukprasirt and Sajjaanantakul, 2004). [45]; Venkataraman [51]; and Wong et al. Despite its nutritional values and enormous health benefits, the jackfruit is underutilized and not classified as a commercial crop and is rarely grown on regular plantation scale due to its short shelf life and insufficient processing facilities in the regions where they are grown [20]. It has been found that these are rich in carbohydrates and proteins [16, 26]. Soong and P. J. Barlow, “Antioxidant activity and phenolic content of selected fruit seeds,”, M. R. Fernando, S. M. D. N. Wickramasinghe, M. I. Thabrew, P. L. Ariyananda, and E. H. Karunanayake, “Effect of, R. M. Lavker, “Cutaneous aging: chronologic versus photoaging,” in, S. Babitha, C. Sandhya, and A. Pandey, “Natural food colorants,”, S.-C. Fang, C.-L. Hsu, and G.-C. A. Ulloa, J. E. Urías-Silvas et al., “Effect of high-intensity ultrasound on the technofunctional properties and structure of jackfruit (, R. Begum, M. Aziz, M. Uddin, and Y. Yusof, “Characterization of Jackfruit (, D. Govindaraj, M. Rajan, A. The starch and dietary fiber content of the flesh increase with the maturity [2]. It largely composes of starch and protein. Rahman et al. It also exhibited hemagglutination activity against human and rabbit erythrocytes [79]. Additionally, the fiber content can make this fruit low in “net carbs” and potentially appealing to people eating low-carbohydrate or paleo-style diets. [110] have revealed the possible utilization of jackfruit peel derived pectin in bone healing applications. The flesh of this fruit contains fructose and sucrose which is easily digestible and energy provider for lactating mothers. [87] have conducted a study with the aim of determining the ideal physicochemical quality parameters for chips purpose jackfruit. Therefore, advanced processing technologies and sustainable waste management strategies should be considered when processing jackfruits in commercial scale. B. C. Man and K. K. Sin, “Processing and consumer acceptance of fruit leather from the unfertilised floral parts of jackfruit,”, A. F. de Faria, V. V. de Rosso, and A. Due to the presence of laticiferous cells that produce latex, which helps to hold the fruits together, the axis and the core of the fruit are inedible. In Sri Lanka, several jackfruit cultivars such as ‘Vela’, ‘Varaka (Waraka)’, ‘Peniwaraka’, ‘Kuruwaraka’, Singapore, or the Ceylon Jack are distributed [6]. This is 6 percent of the daily value for the fiber of 25 grams. Hence, several studies have focused on extraction of pectin from jackfruit peel by the use of more advanced techniques including ultrasound assisted extraction [90] and ultrasonic-microwave assisted extraction [82], which were able to result in higher pectin yield compared to conventional methods. The possibility of utilization of jackfruit seed starch powder as a novel natural superdisintegrant in irbesartan fast dissolving tablets has been investigated by [105].