4. Maybe just try to relax about them a bit as I'm sure they're fine really, it's just so easy to become fixated on things. Increased risk of choking: The risk of choking is the most commonly raised concern with baby-led weaning among parents and healthcare professionals. That we’re here…, FYI New Guidelines on Choking and Infant Resus. Join our community to share the journey. Eat it. I microwaved mine in a spot of water today - from frozen - for 2 minutes - and they were probably too soft ! HOW HARD IS BABY LED WEANING? In baby led weaning, parents can offer a variety of baby-friendly solid finger foods right from the get go. Veggies for Baby Led Weaning. Leave to cool or run under the tap, etc etc then give to the bub. Refrigerate it. Carrots – steam chunks of mature, larger carrots which are richer in nutrients than ‘baby’ carrots; Eggplant/aubergine – rich in antioxidants, pieces of cooked eggplant will really help expand your baby’s menu and develop those taste buds! by Louisianablue2000 » 16 May 2009, 14:44, Users browsing this forum: No registered users, Post them up and every so often I'll snaffle them and put them on the blog, if that's okay? In baby led weaning, parents can offer a variety of baby-friendly solid finger foods right from the get go. Let cool before serving. Add the peeled and trimmed and/or chopped carrots, cover, and cook until the carrots are tender to the bite and the water has evaporated, about 5 minutes. I roast carrots, and do them on a low temp (160-170ish) for as long as poss without them burning. This method uses a freezer, so you'll want to prepare them at least a day before. It'll save you the trouble of emailing them to me. Eat it. They can't have been in for much longer than 30 minutes at 180. i have had the same problem!!!! Carrots are the perfect size and shape for little hands. I would use a little spray of olive oil or water to make sure they stay moist and don’t get super crispy or chewy. Until baby is eating the same meals as the rest of the family, it does take some time to prepare baby food for baby led weaning. Aim for pieces about the size and shape of your pinky finger so babies will be able to grasp them. I roasted peppers yesterday and they were lovely. Home » Kids & Baby » Baby-Led Weaning » The Best Vegetable Preparations for Baby-Led Weaning. Some Bloke Called Andrew's Carrot Muffins, Spanish Omelette (with peas, because everything Babybear eats Must Contain Peas), Getting Started - Finger Food Basics/Finger Food Basics - Month 1, Baby-led Weaning: Helping Your Baby to Love Good Food, What do Pregnant Women need to know about BLW? This can include whole pieces of food (like toast), or purees (like mashed potatoes). I always struggle with carrots too - maybe because I like them raw but not cooked. Oh for goodness sakes… you know what to do with a carrot. The Best Vegetable Preparations for Baby-Led Weaning. Toss the veggie with olive oil. You just… Steam it. Puree. we just avoid them unless at grandma's house! In the early days of BLW I was always bunging carrots and broccoli in the microwave - so quick, easy and convenient. Put the pan on the stove over medium heat and cover with an appropriately sized lid, leaving it slightly askew with a small opening off to the side so you can see the steam escaping. Also, put lots of oil on. If the sheet is too crowded or the veggies overlap, they will steam, not roast, and that delectable browning won’t occur. Never really had any trouble with carrots and we just cooked them exactly the same as all the other veg. How to prepare and serve carrots for a baby. Antilop chair, slings, cloth nappies, no steam mop but awaiting permission for special handshake which probably involves porridge. Directions Wash the desired number of carrots and chop off the stem ends. Lay the veggies in a single layer on the baking sheet. Peel it, slice it lengthways into quarters, cut into two inch pieces and then steam it for as long as you feel. I cut them into four. Tips for Serving Baby Veggies. Id say 45 mins would be ideal. Then they go soft but dont lose moisture. I found it took a month or so for my LO to manage carrots that had been steamed for 45 minutes... that's a long time! Start by setting the timer for 10 minutes, then check on your veggies and continue to steam until they reach the desired doneness.