The larger of the two numbers should be used to determine your size. Look for batting gloves that offer good gripping surfaces and ventilation for cooler, dryer hands. By measuring from the base of your palm to the tip of your longest finger (usually the middle one), you get a measurement that can be compared with the circumference. Batting gloves for baseball and softball batting gloves not only help achieve better grip on the bat but can help reduce vibrations in the hands when making contact with the ball. Below we will look into certain reasons we believe you should wear batting gloves, how to measure your hand to determine what size batting gloves … Start at the top of the index finger and using a flexible tape measure go down the finger across the palm keeping the tape along the contour of the glove until … Although leather is often the first choice, you might find that … When you pick up a baseball glove, look on the thumb or pinky side to see the size of the glove. How to Measure a Hand for a Batting Glove. For baseball gloves, you should measure … With an understanding of the glove parts and how the webbing affects the glove type to use, you will want to look at the size of a glove in inches to get the right fit. How To Measure the Length of a baseball Glove.