No matter which religion you think of, the God(s) are always portrayed as all-loving and all-loving, which is not the case with the Greek gods in the Iliad. By. Who would you like to send this to * Optional message Cancel. The Greek gods were quite fallible, and humans usually just had to endure their divine decisions, whether just or unjust – and the Ancient Greeks frequently portrayed their gods acting unjustly. Greek heroes. well i read this once, and i think the gods were jealous of the mortals because, well, they ARE mortals. Every Greek god seen in the Iliad showed emotions of the mortals and were The chief Olympian god’s relentless pursuit, persistence, rough wooing, and refusal to take “no” for an answer was bad enough. Two of the most renowned half-mortal gods were Dionysus and Heracles. Gods and Mortals in Early Greek and Near Eastern Mythology. The Greek deities were often depicted as sadist bullies, itching for an excuse to inflict suffering upon the less powerful, and getting a kick out of doing so. Mainly because they have everything they want, probably they dont want to live forever as immortals. Gabi Ancarola - Feb 27, 2018. Some gods in Greek mythology were the products of a god's affair with a human. The Greek pantheon of gods included mortal-born heroes and heroines who were elevated to godhood through a process which the Greeks termed apotheosis.Some of these received the privilege as a reward for their benefactions to mankind--e.g. Greek Gods’ Epic Tales of Love and Jealousy. ... not knowing that mortals cannot look upon the gods without being incinerated — and she perished. Greek heroes were extraordinary individuals who possessed great skills and strength or they simply stood out of the rest of the people by their ingenuity, intelligence and charisma.There had been many stories foretold by Greeks about each of these exceptional characters. Your email address * Please enter a valid email address. Edited by Adrian Kelly, Christopher Metcalf; Online ISBN: 9781108648028 Your name * Please enter your name. Greek Mythology >> Greek Gods >> Deified Mortals DEIFIED MORTALS. Making it worse for those who gave in to Zeus, or were raped by him, was having to deal with his insanely jealous wife, Hera, and her crazy punishments – not of her philandering husband, but of his victims. Zeus was know to disguise himself as a mortal to win the affections of a beautiful woman. The most important gods of the Greek pantheon were the Twelve Olympians, so-called due to the belief that they resided on the peak of Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece.. The gods in ancient Greece, however, are not so much like the God/ gods we believe in today. The ancient Greeks were a polytheistic people and worshiped a multitude of gods. Though these gods were not Olympians they still shared in the glory of the gods. the only reason the gods would be jealous is that. CHILDREN OF MORTALS AND GODS. Heracles, Asclepius and Aristaeus--, others through marriage to gods--e.g.