This is my little corner of the web that I've dedicated to helping fellow bloggers and creatives reach their goals. Replacing a rounded style for a more sharp, graphic look can make a brand feel more assertive and masculine. Think of your own experiences as a … If you do a lot of banding work, you'll want this to use with your own clients. The fonts below are notorious examples. Change even one of these elements, and it can have a big impact on the way your brand is perceived. Strong visuals can be very persuasive. Text is one of the simpler aspects of identity, but it can be surprisingly expressive. –. Additionally, they would be able to offer you guidance on the appropriate areas of your site to place copy. Learn the fundamental concepts of graphic design and how to use them to create high-quality graphics by taking the HubSpot Academy Graphic Design Essentials course. Browse a broad range of fonts to get some ideas about what might suit your own brand identity design. The main purpose of their job is to help to assess your brand and create an image for it. Images are a huge part of building a unique identity. Depending on the nature of your business, one asset or another may be more or less important. Strong visuals can be very persuasive. A graphic designer creates the graphics primarily for published, printed or electronic media, such as brochures (sometimes) and advertising.” (Wikipedia)  While a Brand Designer is someone hired to assist in the assessing and defining of a brand. I think its great that there are so many out there now offering these services, because it gives plenty of options to choose from for those in the market for branding services. Visual identity isn't just a marketing tool. [Tweet “A graphic designer is the individual who will actually create the visual aspects of your brand”]. I started my blog from scratch and have redone it many times but each time I “remodeled” it I learned something. A rebrand would be the redefining of the purpose for the brand and what it stands for. This person should have expertise on the topic of branding and copy, and understand design in a way they can relay it effectively to all components of your brand. [Tweet “The creation of a brand may require the assistance of many individuals, to include a brand designer, graphic designer, and copywriter.”]. Even if you don’t actually work with them on the entire branding of your site/business, consulting with them ahead of time can be very helpful. At times, it may be more beneficial for you to invest in all three or work with a firm or agency that can do all three for you simultaneously. A lot of people, including some designers, think that branding a company simply involves designing a handful of visual elements, such as: Logo design; Stationery design; Colour palette A logo that's pixelated, distorted, or too small to read could give viewers the wrong impression. As I mentioned before, there is a hybrid version of a brand designer and graphic designer, and these individuals are typically referred to as Brand Identity Designers or Brand Identity Stylists. Its important to understand that a Graphic Designer and Brand Designer serve two completely different purposes in terms of branding. Understanding visual identity can help you make more thoughtful design decisions, regardless of your role, medium, or skill level. Thanks so much for dropping by! Give you insight into how and where you can best use copy to market your brand. A lot of people get those two confused as well, using the terms interchangeably many times. They represent how you want to be seen when people think about your brand. If you want to change your decision later on, select the 'Cookie Policy' link in the footer. It's a way of looking at design that removes a lot of the guesswork. Take the photo below. I just don’t like that anyone with Photoshop these days calls themselves a graphic designer…not so fast my friend! I’m just staring my blog journey and I’m storing all this information away. Matt Chalwell. Of course, it's not all business. A graphic designer, by definition is a “profession within the graphic design and graphic arts industry who assembles together images, typography, or motion graphics to create a piece of design. The beautiful design is based on a document grid. Its just important to know that not everyone who classifies themselves a graphic designer is a brand designer. So glad you found this post helpful. You'll find them in corporate settings, as well as out and about, representing small businesses, freelancers, and other entrepreneurs. With a clear vision of your brand, you know exactly what colors, fonts, and images to use. You’re very welcome! How to Write Powerful Post Headlines That Increase Your Traffic. Hi, I'm Zana | Graphic Designer & Brand Cohesion Strategist . I do, however think many may not understand the roles of a Brand Designer and a Graphic Designer, and that there is a huge difference in the two. Avoid common pitfalls, like colors that vibrate or distract viewers from your work. Thanks for this enlighten post. In the interest of staying on topic, I will go into more detail about their role more specifically in an upcoming post. […] Tiffany chose The Difference Between a Graphic Designer and Brand Designer from our very own Tenns from Bliss and Faith. The best images are the embodiment of your unique point of view. The freebie of the day is a new logo design kit that combines the new and modern designs with that cool vintage… Illustrators, on the other hand, will typically do commercial work for companies like comic book houses, publishing houses and advertising agencies. Avoid images that lack context or appear frequently in other brands' designs. Visual identity is what that brand looks like, from your logo to your color choices and so much more. Its just important to know that not everyone who classifies themselves a graphic … Your font choice should complement your brand, but still be current and professional. If you do, the end result for your brand may not be what you want it to be and it may not serve you or your customers. There are lots of ways to use brand colors. This is especially true when you look at many of the jobs within the Design arena. I have to admit that I didn’t really know the difference (but now I do)! The main thing that you don’t want to do is assume that are all one in the same. –. Thanks so much! Have you ever chosen a product simply because you liked the way it looked? For more information about the cookies we use, see our Terms of Use. A designer or design agency that offer branding services builds the foundation of a brand, or is brought in to enhance the brand’s visual and corporate identity. The most effective logos tend to be fairly simple—something viewers will recognize and remember. Insure that when you purchase branding services, you inquire as to what those services actually entail. Turn It Up Tuesday Link Party #85 & Giveaway, Are You Ready For Turn It Up Tuesday? Watch the video below to learn more about branding and identity. Yes, I’ve redone my blog several times, to include this last time with a huge rebrand. Designer / illustrator with roots in Australia, and now living in beautiful San Francisco. Provide feedback on what you offer and/or suggestions for what to offer within your product line or services. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Find the ones that suit your needs and budget both-creativity at its best. Visual identity is kind of like a preview of your brand. At times all someone may need is a new new logo, or a slight refresh to the visual aspects of their brand, but that is not rebranding, its simply updating the visual aspects. Read on to learn more. A graphic designer is the individual who will actually create the visual aspects of your brand, to include but not limited to your logo, marks, colors, and typography. Graphics designers should be able to take the work of a brand designer and translate it into your visual aspects, if they have done their job well. Use it for both print and web guideline documents. Design is a skill which many companies can acquire, but only the truly gifted graphic design companies will take it to the next level. You can apply the concept of identity to almost any type of project, including personal designs. Great post. If you don't have the luxury of this, you can get similar results by choosing images with a subtle through line; for example, a signature color or similar style. [Tweet “If you need help defining your brand, you most likely want to hire a brand designer.”], [Tweet “Brand Designers will either help define or influence are your company’s name, tagline, mission, and core beliefs.”]. This is difficult if you're relying on third-party stock, but there are ways to set your brand apart. - TheMrsTee, Time For Turn It Up Tuesday #85! Color helps define your brand in a very powerful way. Copy is so important, because it is the language that will be speaking to your customers when they visit your site or see any advertisement you may have. That's why it's important to use it wisely. When in doubt, a more timeless, understated font is less likely to detract from your message. Maybe a brand designer would be helpful. /en/beginning-graphic-design/fundamentals-of-design/content/. Lately it seems like everyone is adding Branding to their resume or list of services.