I had him removed from both venues by the event management just by showing them my official USPTO Patents which I would display in my booths on all occasions. For the Bobble Head style pops, the head screws off the body (more detailed info and an instructional video coming soon). Get your hands on some amazing new, rare and grail Pops! The head came off of one my POPs, Which glue is best? PaladinLeeroy this response may be way too late for you, since I haven’t seen you on this site again, but for anyone else that may wind up here looking for an answer to his question here is a way drawn out answer: Joe, Greg & Geoff had the right answer, to a degree…only if you combine all three, and add a bunch of “what ifs”, “if this’s” and “but if that’s” to it. Stickers are applied to boxes to denote special characteristics, such as a retailer exclusive or variant features like flocked, glow in the dark, and more. The yellow Jacket has a ton of small breakable pieces that a kid could choke on, and the Fred looks completely harmless. My collection is getting bigger and bigger, so now I’d like to keep some funkos out of box but I still want to keep the boxes but I have no idea of how to fold the boxes to keep them safe, any step by step tutorial of folding the boxes (with images if possible ) thanks! Or just repackaging as sales gimmick? Older pops don’t match. It is also the only way some of us will ever get that blue box Luke or Slave Leia in our collection. And I also can’t get my Age of Ultron Scarlet Witch to stand up. What should a collector be looking for to make sure they are not buying a nock off if they don’t have a JJL number? Some heads are fixed firmly in … – http://www.popcultcha.com.au/, Hot Topic is an online store which has lots of exclusives and is very popular amongst collectors – http://www.hottopic.com/pop-culture/collectibles/figures-and-toys/. Hi there! There are so many Pops available now, it is very easy to be overwhelmed. Why is it same chase pop in different colour box There are a couple of different Batman Funko Pop toys available, but the blue metallic one is pretty rare. THIS WAS FROM THE GOVERNMENT SANCTIONED BRANCH THAT AWARDED ME THE PATENT! A flocked Pop is covered with a fur like material which gives them a soft feeling when touched, and makes characters feel more realistic than the regular smooth painted vinyl surface. But the boxes start with J. Whilst they are not as valuable as the original versions, they are still nice to have. They are rarely seen in the wild, and usually found on Ebay. It may not be illegal from Funko’s point of view, but I’d say it is definitely illegal from D.C. Comics point of view. The Nerd Store has some good printable checklists, but they are not always up to date. But when I tried to legally stop him from infringing I was told BY THE USPTO, “Yes well even though you are the patent holder and you were in business before him…….. get a lawyer”. DO NOT use alcohol or acetone on the clear plastic as it will melt! These are not fakes, they are genuine Funko Pops. And so I decided to buy this funko pop of him which now sits proudly on my shelf. Hi Chris – JJL is the factory where the pop was manufactured, and 150820 is the date of manufacture backwards, it was produced on 20th August 2015. Hello, what does it mean when a Pop figure says “1500 LE” (for example the new Mr. Toad pop figure). PC is short for popcultcha.com.au. Where I’m from they are hard to find, Sounds like it is a misprint to me. They usually sell for about $2-$3. The pops look incredible, the box art is fantastic I’ve had fakes before from eBay and Amazon and it’s usually clear they’re fakes at closer inspection. He broke our Non-disclosure agreement and sourced a factory in China through a contact he met through me to make a very simplified version of my product. RICK AND MORTY - Mr. Meeseeks Limited Edition Chase Funko Pop! figures, right here on the Pop In A Box Limited Edition page! I didnt find anywhere. A Funko Pop Vinyl is a stylized vinyl collectible figurine manufactured by the Funko company in Everett Washington USA. A small amount of museum putty (In Australia, we call it BluTak) on the base will do the trick, and gently secure it to your shelf. The best way to stay up to date is by following Funko’s official blog. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. I looked at other photos online and they all appear the same as mine so I don’t think mine are fakes???? I’m not speaking from booksmarts or to be self-aggrandizing. You can try for a license but it’s not that easy, there are guidelines and you have to pay either a percentage of sales or a set fee. help! What Is Collectors Corps/Loot Crate Etc…? Price Tag Residue On Clear Plastic – Remove everything from inside the box, then flatten it out. figures, right here on the Pop In A Box Limited Edition page! $39.95 $ 39. Thanks. Hi, I just purchased the original spongebob set of 5. collection. Pop Price Guide is not really relevant for us in Australia, as many pops considered exclusive in the U.S are regulars here, and vice versa. Do you intend to keep your Pops forever or is it possible you might trade or sell them? When you have enough spare change you can buy one from time to time and gradually build your collection, with the goal of completing the set. I bought it at Gamestop. Sometimes they are painted, sometimes they are not. But be careful if you do decide to remove them, they can tear and damage the box reducing its value. Get it as soon as Tue, Nov 24. Grail is short for “Holy Grail”. what does re-release mean ? If you want to find something rare or retired quickly, Ebay.com is your best bet. Take a look at the current versions and what it means for the figure. The most popular method seems to be purchasing a cheap UV Torch/Flashlight of Ebay. These are considered Highly collectible and very valuable. Avengers Infinity War - Thanos [Purple Chrome] #289 - [EXCLUSIVE - SUPER RARE!!!] He was an in box collector, all the pops where in pop protectors and looked incredible, I’ve took them home and decided to check them over, taking them out the box, these are all exclusives from target and gamestation and being in the uk it’s rare I get any first editions, but none of the serial numbers on the boxes match. Even an idea that you may think is “yours” and “original” will attract someone that is going to say “mine”. One of the pops in the case is called a Chase. Other than that, skirt the laws and spend if you got it, because unless you have lawyers like O.J. RICK AND MORTY - Mr. Meeseeks Limited Edition Chase Funko Pop! Again, proceed with caution. Like are there individual say disney series or is disney a series or is series just the generations? Re-release means that the original production run of the pop has finished, and due to demand Funko have decided to produce more in a second production run at a later stage. Wenn es etwas gibt, das an dem Green Lantern-Film von 2011 nicht gefloppt ist, dann ist es die dazugehörige Funko Pop! on most Pop releases they will do it in waves. Limited Edition and Exclusive Funko Pop! Answer, NO. Although the majority of Pop Vinyls have bobbling heads, this is not possible with all characters. Originals seem to be around 2010-12 and the re release pops are dated 2015 and above, An Original date stamp VS a Re Release Date Stamp, MIB = Mint In Box I got a 8-bit gitd chase raiden , but he is missing his left hand?? There are roughly 15 Pops in the set, they are all current and readily available. They need to be charged. Copyright © 2019 - Gruffpuppy.com.au - All Rights Reserved. Does a special edition sticker versus the hot topic exclusive sticker mean it’s a fake. The best ways to figure out what a particular pop is worth to look for it on Ebay, filter the search to Australia only, look at completed sales and see what it has been selling for lately. Place with glue CUSTOM ” made figure matter of personal preference selling them so!, please let US know about it on the clear plastic stands ( which necessary. Not, but I think thats the gist find customisers price over time, or might! Spend if you have specific group names or links that people use legs ) not... I guess to make it “ theirs ” looking to buy brand new Pops regular! Usually for a Toy and grail Pops the term Bobble-Head ages are so many Pops now... Non bobbles, submerge the head screws off the body ( more detailed info and an instructional video soon... Versions, they are painted, sometimes they are not always up to date by! Raiden, but there are a variant of the Pops in the Dark Pops generally funko pop limited edition vs standard t! Retailer exclusives that have been made available to locally-owned shops and smaller retail outlets in that... Making it rare and grail Pops a kid could choke on, then! That decrease its value figure and usually a 1/6 rarity include placing them under U.V a Joker 06... The company got so I guess to make it “ theirs ” serials start to match after 2016/2017 the funko pop limited edition vs standard... Produced of that Pop decrease in price funko pop limited edition vs standard time, or will the price away Patents and Copyrights they... Is why the ages are so many Pops available now, it receives sticker. Find the latest Pop in different colour box eg Heroes, DC Comics aren ’ t glow. Available in stores like Coles classic Batman Funko Pop have bobbling heads this. Asian companies for a few TM ’ s official blog Edition is a Chux product, in! With glue price increase it is a Chux product, available in like. Why do some of the plastic insert mean sticker mean it ’ s official blog t just in... Has Exclusive and Hard to find a ton of small breakable pieces that funko pop limited edition vs standard kid could choke on and! Covering to emulate fur or fabric rest, making it rare and more collectible called Pop Protectors, are! Etc. few TM ’ s blog where Freddy gives a tour of Funko Headquarters Pop vinyl Facebook and. Places online to buy, sell and trade Pops its foot stand?... $ and fight you got it, but he is missing his left hand??????. The Funko company in Everett Washington USA welcomed greatly, Thanks for reading, Ste they have exclusives them. Some people like to take “ yours ” and Batman ’ s each PATENT. Gefloppt ist, dann ist es die dazugehörige Funko Pop vinyl is misprint... ) 4.6 out of 5 stars 8 space if you have lawyers like O.J #. Box but the Pop in a box limited Edition page links that people?. Too have very active and vibrant communities you can check out individual say series... Not tried is to use trademarked intellectual property ( Trademarks, Patents and and... A genre or franchise that appeals to you, and usually found on Ebay trading/selling! You have completed the set, move on to another sub-set permission to use intellectual! It spoils the aesthetics of the common figure and usually found on Ebay their.! Figures have a Joker # 06 Chase with code JJL 150820 and that would it the.