3-in-1 styling tool for creating volume, detangling thick hair and defining curls. D31 Denman Brush; D83 Denman Brush D83; These are the most popular for hair styling. The Denman Brush: D3 and D31. I use the denman to smooth sections with leave-in and styler prior to twist-outs (my main style). View. I’ve used different hair brushes for curly hair, so with this blog I will answer your question: “which Denman hair brush should I buy: a D41, D31, D4 or a D3 Denman brush”? Curly Hair THE PERFECT BRUSHES FOR BLOW-DRYING, DETANGLING AND DEFINING CURLS. This is after I've detangled with my fingers and a Jilbere comb in the shower with condish and under running water. This item Denman Classic Styling Brush, Model D31 Denman Free Flow Wide Spaced Pins 9 Row Hair Styling Brush - 3-in-1 Styling Tool for Creating Volume, Detangling Thick Hair and Defining Curls, D41 Denman Classic Styling Brush 7 Rows - D3 - Hair Brush for Blow-Drying & Styling – Detangling, Separating, Shaping & Defining Curls Both the Denman Brush D3 and D31 brushes have seven rows of pins. The difference between these brush types is as follows: Denman Brush D3 has more pins, which are closer together. I think the D41 is slightly larger and has 2 extra rows, but the rows are just as evenly spread as the D31. The nylon bristles sit on a pad made of half-rubber materials, which are perfect for smoothing hair. ... D31 Freeflow Styler 7 Row. The Denman brush for curly hair will only work its magic if you buy the right one. The bristles are made of nylon materials and set in a pin style, meaning they have a space or gap between them. D41 Freeflow Styler 9 Row. With their medium size, they are suitable for short to medium hair. This brush is therefore suitable for improving your curl definition.