The middle notes are blackcurrant and green tea. What is the best Armaf Derby Club House Blanche clone or alternative? Some fragrances can be extremely expensive. The nose behind this fragrance is Olivier Creed. Clone / Inspiration? If you’d like to read more about decants and where to get them, you can read this article I wrote over here! If you’re interested in this fragrance, you can check it out over here on Amazon! Unregulated ? Both have this icy cold scent with a sweet touch of the blackcurrant. This fragrance is inspired by Creed Silver Mountain Water, hence the name ‘Silver’, and it is so similar to the original that you’re left wondering why you’d pay full price for it. This fragrance costs only a sliver of the price of the original. Wussten Sie schon? However, this fragrance is much more affordable. Hi, my name is Jasper and I've been a long time fragrance fan. 440,00 € / 250 ml. Luckily, there are quite a few fragrances modeled after Creed Aventus. Spread the warm fragrance of cozy, autumnal bliss in your home with the perfect cinnamon-scented candle. 440,00 € * / 250 ml. One of these 7 best cinnamon candles may be your new favorite!The Scent And... Woody scented candles are perfect for the fall and winter season. Ever since 2014, I started to get a huge interest in fragrances and I've had my nose on countless of different fragrances. It is really similar to the original, only at a much lower cost. link to 7 Best Candles With A Woody Scent. It is inoffensive and refreshing at the same time. The opening of this fragrance is really fresh, however, there is also a metallic scent present. And this will assure you get the real, original Creed fragrance, and not a fragrance that is really similar! There are many exclusive, niche fragrance houses that have price tags that go up a little more than most people are comfortable with. Yet it also has a bit of a warm feeling to it. Creed Millesime Imperial is a fruity and salty fragrance. The middle notes are green tea and blackcurrant. The scent is somewhat soothing, fruity, and cold, making it perfect for the warmer months. The base notes are musk and amber. After a little bit, you start to get a soft woody touch, as well as some more florals. The scent is somewhat soothing, fruity, and cold, making it perfect for the warmer months. Creed - Silver Mountain Water. The way to do this is to purchase a fragrance decant. It has a perfect balance between the oud and a spicy scent and works great if you’re getting into oud fragrances. Creed Silver Mountain Water . They are both very similar in the fact that they both have the same sweet, woody scent. The only thing keeping the masses from buying Creed fragrances are the high prices they have. These start the fragrance with a very fresh, citrusy scent. Creed Silver Mountain Water Eau de Parfum 100ml One size. It also is way more affordable than the original. The price of this fragrance is also a fraction of the original Creed Aventus. The pricing of Armaf Tres Nuit is also much more affordable than the original. The base notes are sandalwood and musk. These are smaller bottles filled with the original fragrance. Why it is so similar: Al-Rehab Silver is very similar to Creed Silver Mountain Water in the sense that it has a very similar, cold-smelling scent. Not all of those fragrances come close, however, some are so similar, that for the untrained nose, there is no difference. Silver Mountain Water is an amazing fragrance by Creed, and luckily, there are some alternatives that are very similar! I'm excited to share my experiences! Fragrance Today is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Versand. It has been around for a very long time and it is still an amazing fragrance. You can look them up on eBay or Facebook, or you could purchase them from certified, online decant sellers. Decants are sold in many places. If you’re interested, you can check out the current price over here on Amazon! The freshness, along with the woodiness in this fragrance makes for an amazing scent during the warmer days. The best alternative for Creed Virgin Island Water is Tommy Bahama Set Sail St. Barts For Men. Purchasing a fragrance clone is a fantastic idea if you’re looking for a similar scent for a cheaper price. Creed Royal Oud is a wonderful take on the oud fragrances. Nonetheless, both these fragrances are extremely similar in scent but different in price. However, the price holds most of them back. Ever since 2014, I started to get a huge interest in fragrances and I've had my nose on countless of different fragrances. Creed has a whole bunch of fantastic fragrances. CREED SILVER MOUNTAIN WATER ? However, there is one downside to all Creed fragrances. Sean John Unforgivable is the closest a fragrance comes to Creed Millesime Imperial. Even though Creed Erolfa is a bit underrated, it still carries a high price. Scent: Rasasi Al Wisam Day is a fantastic fragrance and is quite similar to Creed Silver Mountain Water.