It's up to you to decide when and how to use the orcs, giving the battles a decent amount of tactical depth. Every 4 months or so, Path of Exile has major updates, adding new interesting mechanics, skills, items, and various other content. The Xbox One saw a flood of … You always have a clear sense of where to go next, but there isn't much room for exploration. Skyrim inherits the stories and world-building of The Elder Scrolls series, which stretches back 20 years. Many modders transition to new Bethesda games as they are released, bringing their experience with them and helping newcomers through forums and wikis. There's enough creative freedom to create any campaign/story you want, keeping you interested in D:OS2 long after you've finished the main campaign. All of this is brought to life by a very vibrant color palette, making the game a treat for the eyes. Most of the time you can just whack an enemy until it dies and it involves very little strategy or planning to succeed. But then as you explore the Citadel, the game's main hub area, she makes snide comments about all the aliens around, keying you in on her true feelings about non-humans. You can also pause the game to bring up a radial menu to pick which abilities to use and specific enemies to target, meaning you can take your time in battle and not get overwhelmed by everything. You start off looking into someone who has information on Ciri, only to get the run-around in the worst of ways, chasing down several leads for many different characters all at one time. The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt The Witcher 3 isn't just a great RPG, it's among the Xbox One's few true masterpieces. This means you can get the full set after fighting that type of cyborg several times rather than spending hours fighting them and getting nothing. You even get a narrator to read out long walls of text for you. Full nudity isn't absolutely necessary, but it just seems off here. Every single dialogue line in D:OS2 has a voice-over. When you choose your response, there's a pause between the other person's lines that doesn't quite feel right. For example, if a dragon makes the mistake of lowering its tail into your reach as it rains down fire and death from up above, you can just grab onto it and climb on the dragon's back. This is further amplified during boss fights where most hits taken will outright kill you, which can feel frustrating and unfair, especially when you've no idea what a boss does. If stress passes the first threshold, your adventurer might incur various penalties or even refuse your orders. The romance subplots in Mass Effect 2 are great. One of the better parts of Diablo III is collecting the piles of gold, the colorful gems, and various pieces of equipment. The game's combat, co-developed by Platinum Games, is a huge step up from the first game. Getting to know everyone through dialogue and squad banter is a lot of fun, making it easy to grow attached to your favorite characters. The Witcher 3 has stellar writing at every turn, and the RPG mechanics really let players enter the role of Geralt the Witcher. What really elevates Original Sin 2, however, is the wildly inventive combat system. You also might experience long load times or textures not loading fully in some areas. The story is steeped in politics and intrigue, and deep characterization makes Inquisition have the most fascinating party members yet. Even with the darkspawn threat, there are many other issues across the country of Ferelden, such as the oppression of mages and elves at the hands of humans, and several displaced dwarves who were nearly wiped out during the Blights in the past. Both of these have very little variation in them, so quite often you'll run through the same map layouts, clear the same enemies, and complete the same objectives.