Excludes online gift card purchases. Eggfood or egg food is a way to provide more protein to finch diets. * 2/3 cup of Gerber's or Beech Nut mixed grain or high protein baby food cereal, It is a combination of seed, grain and vitamin rich pellets in a balanced amount to make sure that finches get the necessary nutrients from them. Recipes here are to make your own If you don't have hand feeding formula and pet shops are closed, this recipe will make a formula for baby birds until you are able to buy some the next day. Hand-feeding of baby birds has certain risks to the animal if not properly administered and should only be done by competent individuals. Exact's high nutrition formula helps baby birds grow faster, wean earlier and develop better, brighter plumage. Gouldian finches, zebra finches, society finches - all will benefit from utilizing egg food. Hartz bird food formula is a result of scientific research to provide small birds with the nutrients they need. KAYTEE exact Hand-Feeding Formula is a nutritious diet for hand-feeding baby birds. The ingredients should be available at any 24 hour grocery store. Offer valid from 11/12/2020 - 11/25/2020 on merchandise and services in stores & merchandise online at petsmart.ca with Treats membership.