Celebrity trainer Don Saladino shares a quick-hit routine. Dumbbell arm workouts are an efficient way to build strength, work your upper body and get a sweat in. “[The proper mental outlook] might not seem important, but it truly is,” he says. Triceps Brachii. Your information has been successfully processed! Yeah, and the check’s in the mail. Hence, you can really give your guns your all on these days, and you’ll find that your arm strength and stamina are much improved on the days you train arms after chest, shoulders or back. “I like to do 9-12 sets with a total of three exercises to build mass.”, You can go really heavy with the first exercise in your arm routine; therefore, the standing barbell curl is probably a better choice than the concentration curl. Hence, while we add a second arm day to your split, you should reduce your other upper-body training slightly. After your warm-up sets, lift using high resistance with low reps. “Do relatively heavier sets in the lower rep ranges at the beginning of your workout when you’re fresh,” Sandler advises. Having skinny arms is a thing of the past, now you have the knowledge and workout program to make a difference. Most bodybuilders follow a training split in which they work each body part once in every cycle to build the most symmetrical physique. Stand tall, holding a dumbbell over your head with your arm straight. While you perform a pair of biceps and triceps workouts during your training split, they won’t be the same. Join today and unleash the power of BodyFit! “But that doesn’t mean you can’t choose particular exercises and techniques that make the most of what you’ve got,” Sandler points out. Add serious size to your biceps by focusing more on the smaller upper arm muscles. Gunter admits that you never know your genetic potential for building a peak until you try all the muscle-building tools at your disposal. In fact, I’ve read dozens of arm-training articles over the years in men’s health magazines, and they’re typically long on promises and short on delivery. For training your upper arms (biceps and triceps) I like to use all kinds of rep ranges, high (15-20), moderate (8-12) and low (4-6). © 2020 Bodybuilding.com. So before you flip the page complaining about more of the same old, rest assured this arm workout is different in a couple of important ways: So if splitting the seams on your T-shirts sounds like a plan, then it’s time to get serious about your arm training. Muscleandfitness.com is part of A360 Media LLC Fitness & Health Network. Over the course of the next six weeks, choose two advanced training techniques you can use at the end of each set of two exercises for both biceps and triceps. In fact, when you train your triceps after shoulders and biceps after back (see “The Arms Split” below), they’re typically already somewhat exhausted from assisting in the training of the larger muscle group, meaning your efforts to get a good pump can be somewhat elusive. When someone asks you to show your muscles, 9 times out of 10 you flex your biceps. First and foremost let's get something straight. Many if not all the exercises will be new to you. Practice positive self-talk: Instead of saying, ‘My biceps are weak and will never grow,’ tell yourself, ‘I accept the way my biceps are shaped, and I will improve upon them.’ Visualize your biceps training before you go to the gym. Again, your goal is to choose a weight that brings on muscle failure by the final rep, then go past the point of failure by utilizing one of the many advanced techniques listed under the exercise descriptions. Quickly read through our step-by-step directions to ensure you're doing each In designing a split that focuses on arms, it’s critical not to hit the pulling muscles (back, biceps) and the pushing muscles (chest, shoulders, triceps) on consecutive days. Dumbbell arm workouts are an efficient way to build strength, work your upper body … Sign In. In addition to making minor adjustments to your various workouts, it’s also a good idea to follow this program during your overall mass-building phase. It takes hard work and a sound workout program to improve your physique. “To make sure you hit the outer biceps, I recommend you use a fairly close grip with your standing EZ-bar curls and a neutral grip with your dumbbells curls. In the article below we will discuss the anatomy of the forearms, biceps and triceps, their function, location in the body and some exercises for each muscle group. This way anyone can have a detailed blueprint of how to start the process of building HUGE arms. You’ll actually see your biceps taking more shape over time. For example, select two of the three biceps exercises listed for a particular workout and do an advanced technique—forced reps, drop sets, partial reps, etc.—that allows you to take the set past the point of muscle failure. Getting the form right is key.” >> Focus on Isolation After going heavy with your first exercise to focus on strength, the Peak Arm routines also include movements that better isolate your muscles and minimize cheating. All rights reserved. We all know that the biceps are the show muscle for your physique. “[If you follow this type of split], you definitely want to ensure there’s enough recovery built in.”. You’ve probably seen on newsstands the endless cover blurbs and headlines that scream how simple it is to add inches to your arms. I don't mind answering these questions at all but I decided it was time for me to put all my knowledge on this subject into one of my articles for Bodybuilding.com. There you go. Already have a Bodybuilding account with BodyFit? BodyFit is your solution to all things fitness. Thank you for signing up. This sample split leaves at least 72 hours between sessions for pulling muscles and 48 hours between sessions for pushing muscles. should be done before you give it a shot. He is a certified personal trainer & nutritionist. You need a rest period during which you change the stimulus for at least a couple of weeks for the body to recover. These 21 exercises can be done with dumbbells, without equipment, or with resistance bands. Holding a dumbbell in each hand, let your arms hang by your sides, palms facing in. So before you flip the page complaining about more of the same old, rest assured this arm workout is different in a couple of important ways: First, it focuses on arms alone: Whereas you usually work each body part once over the course of your cycle (generally 4-7 days), in this routine you train biceps and triceps twice each. with in-depth instructional videos. 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The 30 Best Arm Workouts of All Time. “Set the same time every day for training.